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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by bizy, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. bizy

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    I have been kicking around the idea of a gun vault/safe room. I found this site, Vault Doors, Gun Vaults, Armory Vault Doors and Hurricane Doors by Sportsman Steel Safe Company on the net that sells vault doors. The door and a 10' cube of 6" thick concrete will cost about $4,500. This is just a ball park figure I pulled out of the air. The door it's self was quoted at $2700. The door 4.5" thick and a frame up to 12" thick.

    Have any of you built a gun vault or safe room. I always try to get as much input as possible on any project. The idea of a vault door come from members of this site on an earlier post. Thanks guys.
  2. hunter Joe

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    I never built a gun vault but bought a Cannon 6030 from Tractor Supply last night on sale for for $100.00 off for $599.00. It measure 60X30X20 and suppose to hold 24 guns. This safe has electronic lock and is fire proof and is still in the back of my pick up. So if anyone is in the neighborhood tomorrow night......

  3. Shihan

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    Silly, that was for a Safe, this is about a Vault.

    I am thinking about Digging through the basement wall and and putting a Vault down there. The only problem is that it may extend into my neighbors property and they might take claim on the goods inside.
  4. canebrake

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    Gun Vault / Bomb Shelter

    You say potato I say patatoo

    Go for it!!
  5. hunter Joe

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    Just thought I put the word out on a pretty decent safe at a fair price. Now go dig your hole.
  6. lonyaeger

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    I haven't, and I doubt I'll ever have enough guns to fill up a vault, but I salute your good fortune!
  7. Harland

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    I 2nd that. never know when the world will go mad