Gun transportation in a PU truck or SUV

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    I need help interpreting the Va laws of transporting guns in a vehicle.

    This might be a question related to many others but I'm in Va so that's where I'm posting the question.

    What do you do to lock up your guns while transporting in a PU or SUV? The law states the guns must be locked in a separate compartment and ammo elsewhere. I want these replies to be crystal clear for everyone's benefit as it will likely apply to many others with similar laws.

    Pistols/handguns: Unloaded of course - if you have a lockable glove box use it

    Ammo/magazines (assume loaded): Are they safe within the cab of the vehicle if the weapon is locked up?

    Long rifle: Unloaded of course - can it just lay on the floor?

    Where would you have to carry the ammo for the rifle?

    The law uses the phrase "securely wrapped" - what does that mean?

    I don't have a cover on my truck so putting anything outside is subject to the weather conditions.

    Similar issues will exist with a SUV where the may not be a compartment outside the vehicle other than under a floor/hatch either at the rear or possibly under the rear seat foot area.

    I know I can ask some local LEO but I would like to know in advance to be prepared and I don't want to be in violation.
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    I did find this too:

    MisterMcCool - thank you.

    ...and it's no wonder we are all confused. I will have to re-read that several times to fully understand what KC has provided.

    What strikes me funny is he speaks of it as "his opinion" not necessarily the law subject to interpretation.
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    That stood out to me also.