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Discussion in 'Gun Shows' started by potmetal, Sep 17, 2017.

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    A local FFL here in Missouri has started a monthly gun swap. They have a conference room where they teach CCW classes that they set up with tables and allow private individuals to sit at the tables and swap, trade, sell guns and gun related items.
    Rules are, no FFLs, just private citizens, guns must be unloaded and zip tied. It is scheduled for 6pm-8pm, technically after the store is closed. At first, they charged $3 admission, but lately they dropped that and it's free. I'm sure this only works because Mo. has no registration or FOID card laws, and private sales are not regulated.
    I was wondering if any other places do this. I'm sure this shop got the idea from someone else. It's an interesting place to visit, the only drawback being the same as you see at most gun shows, greedy sellers asking prices for used guns that are higher then new ones. I didn't see many guns trade hands at the swap this month. A couple black powder pistols. Everything else was holsters and scopes.
    I love living in a free state.
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    That is an interesting idea. Never heard of anything like that around my area.

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    I have not seen anything like it either but it sounds like a great idea.
  4. Dallas53

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    personally, in states that don't require an FFL for a private sale or transfer, not a bad idea at all. pretty novel and interesting.
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    Sounds like Armslist... But without the online portion. No FFL... Just buying, selling and trading (we use armslist to look and then, if interested, contact one another then meet face to face to look over the gun and decide if we want it)
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    I like the idea, but....

    It might be a great idea at a gun club, or range that already had the production/insurance and various other cost in already covered. I sure would anger the local mom and pop gun shops who would lobby to have the BATFE shut it down.
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    I wonder how the insurance company looks at this? A good idea but I cannot see the lawyers and insurance company liking it.