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Gun Swap Saturday

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Started out this morning trading an EAA Witness for a Glock 19. The Witness was an full-size .40 steel in Wonder finish. It was the last of my .40s as I'm trimming to 9mm & .45 in semis. My FFL called and my Dan Wesson action arrived (had a spare 4 inch barrel and this action came with very nice grips). I mentioned the G19 to him and he told me to bring it along as he was looking for one.

Drove up to his place to get the DW and see about another swap. Looked thru a lot of things and I ended up leaving with my DW action and a NIB Kahr CW45. I'm already a Kahr fan and TBH the grip grooves on the G19 weren't going to work for me. My inventory changed a bit today and I'm quite happy...
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