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    Started out this morning trading an EAA Witness for a Glock 19. The Witness was an full-size .40 steel in Wonder finish. It was the last of my .40s as I'm trimming to 9mm & .45 in semis. My FFL called and my Dan Wesson action arrived (had a spare 4 inch barrel and this action came with very nice grips). I mentioned the G19 to him and he told me to bring it along as he was looking for one.

    Drove up to his place to get the DW and see about another swap. Looked thru a lot of things and I ended up leaving with my DW action and a NIB Kahr CW45. I'm already a Kahr fan and TBH the grip grooves on the G19 weren't going to work for me. My inventory changed a bit today and I'm quite happy...
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    Sounds like you're a big fan of Massachusetts built guns.
    (got any S&W's, H&R's or Savages in your collection?)
    Dan Wessons and Kahrs were once products of the Peoples Republik.
    I use the PAST tense because DW's aren't made here anymore and the Kahr pistol production has also moved to NY. The former pistol plant in Worcester is now where the new Tommyguns are made.......
    Funny how the bulk of US gun manufacturers are located in states with the most draconian gun laws? (MA, CT, NY)



    Gun swop Sat?

    Hello all/Responce to NGIB

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS


    Yup, at times the Gun trade thing can go that way, and some times get away from you! I once, (A few years back in Wa State), headed to a Pullup Gunshow! A fellow there had aSig P-225 in 9MM I had arranged for him to sell (Off paper), good guy, and always in need to trade? I was at the door, when another fellow I knew, (Who was always broke), ambushed me at the door! I asked him what was up, he said that he was broke,, too broke to pay the 5$ to get in the door, I offered to pay it for him, Instead he said, are you looking for a 9MM? I told him yes, but that I had arranged to buy a SIG 225 from a fellow that I knew and was headed in the door to do so! How about a Inglis 9MM Hi-Power? I said, I have a Belgium Hi=power at home, sorry! He said sel it right? I asked how much? He said $200.00, with 4 mags, 2 Factory Inglis, 1 aftermarket but functioned and 2 boxes of egyption 9MM! I said good price, but I have this deal sort of set up? He said, OH man, help me oput man, I can't even pay my way i the show, he said, No, Buy my Gun! I said, I realy can't, I realy have a deal set up? He Said, OK, OK, you got me over a Barrel, $175.00! I said, Look, not trying to beat ya down, but I have most of my $ tied up, I'll buy your way into the show if you shut up? He said I need Gas Money Hme, car's about out of gas, I need food for kids and all sorts of other sob stories that I just can never refuse? I said man, your killing me? He said, OK, OK< $150.00? Hell, even a few years back 150 could hardly buy .22, never might a Inglis 9MM? I said OK, OK< 150.00! I paid him and headed in the door, 2 tables into the show a dealer buddy of mine asked to see the Gun and the mags, said, I'm not interested in the gun, sell the mags off? I said, how much? He said 20 a piece the factory Mags? 30, I said and you get those 2? He said, OK, I pocketed the 60$, and thought to myself, I have 90$ in this GUN? I walked the guys table I was looking for but now was near 100$ short of my Sig $! He said HI, we started to talk, I told him I'd pay him all but 125 of what he wanted for the SIG and pick it up in a few days? he said MAN, you said you'd have the $, and we talked finish of the deal TODAY? I said, well, this guy I know sold me 9MM when I was wqlking in and it took a bit of by Buy money! He said, thats tough, but it's a deal you promised on? I said Yea, but the guys got kids and was broke and all! Your breaking my heart, not to mention my balls! LOL I said, yea whenn ya know how it goes! I owed him 425 on the SIG and he wanted his $! Let me show the Inglis around and see if I can sell it off? The guy the next table sold mostlu WW2 guns, a lot of Lugers and P-38's, he asked to see the Inglis, it's a type 3, poor finish and only 1 factort mag? I said, yea, but has a second aftermarket mag? The guy looked sceptical, what ya asking? I held my breah, I needed about 150 to do the SIG Deal and go home with a few $ in the opcket, How about 300, I asked? Hmm, he saod, I won't go that, not worth it to me and finish is ppor and mags are costly, how about 200? I said, look, I need the $ but you can do 250! He said, OK, But I get both mags and the ammo? I said done! I went back to my Original pal and paid him for thr SIG! Was ready to walk out the Door! Ran into a fellow I worked with years back and he said, whats in the Blue box? SIG I said? NO ****? I got one too, I have a SIG 228, bastards too hick and I really wanted a 225? I said, Hm, really, whats it worth to ya? He said, Hmm, well My gun in trade on yours and 100$, I was short that goal so I looked in the Blue Book, Mine had 5 factory mags and nite sites, his was a 228, no nite site, 2 mags, I said look, you like the 225, I like the 228, I have 2X the mags, I have nite sites and mine is near new, He said, OK, your gun and 75? I said, my gun and 50$! He said deal, I walked out the door! I ran into the guy who sold me the Inglis, who was in the parking lot, trying to get his car started! I drove him to the gas station and gave him 10$ for gas and drove him back! He asked me, whats this for? I said, OH well, you got kids, ya did me right and when the deals in the wind, I never leave my friends hanging? He laughed and drove out ahead of me! I sat in quiet reflection, I could never have done that, if my life depended on it ever again! Till next time???????? LOL, Ya know how it goes, ya never know when the next deal is around the corner!