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    Credit to this thread goes to Dillinger. The purpose of this thread is to share gun stories from personal stories, historical stories, and ect.

    I will start by sharing the story of how my grandfather acquired an Arisaka, which is currently in my posession.

    My grandfather was a Navy Seabee during WWII and the Korean War. While serving in WWII he was stationed in Okinawa if I remember correctly. He and his company were instructed to guard an ammunition depot and to prepare for the invasion of Japan. One night after training landings for the invasion of Japan he was ordered to be on patrol in the depot. While on patrol he noticed a figure lurking around near some fuel tanks. So he went down to investigated. While on his way down he realized it was a Japanese soldier. The Japanese soldier started to walk in his direction so he hid behind a wall and waited to ambush the soldier. The soldier passed him and he walked behind him for a few yards. He then raised up his M1 Carbine to the soldiers head and then took his left hand and tapped the soldier on the shoulder. Here's a quote from my grandfather, "He turned around droped his rifle and made an obvious mess in his pants". The soldier was then taken prisoner and my grandfather took the Arisaka and brought it home in a duffle bag or something like that.

    One thing I think is important to note is that obviously Japan was never invaded during WWII. My grandfather said they were preparing to invade Japan when they got the word the war was over, but were not allowed to know why. This was due to dropping the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki and Hirshima.
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    Awsome!! I wish I knew the story behind my Arisaka.... :(

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    Good story. Don't ever let go of that rifle. Never sell a gun unless it has absolutely no personal attachment whatsoever.
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    Great story. Thanks for sharing.