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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Feastiewinkle, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Feastiewinkle

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    What kind of locks do you use on your firearms in order so that people can't pull the trigger? Are these more safe than keeping your weapon in an actual safe? What is the probability that someone can get off a trigger lock without the key?
  2. sixgunner

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    Depending on the lock used the possibility of getting it off range from about 30% to 100%. Many of the locks I have seen would be little more than an aggrivation for someone committed to getting to the gun. They will keep a burglar from shooting you with your gun during a home intrusion but if stolen he would be able to get the locks off at his leisure.

  3. ScottG

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    I don't use gun locks. All the locks that have come with my purchases have been silly little things.

    I keep the bolts separate from the guns and the handguns are locked up. I also don't keep rifle ammo with the long guns. The handguns are loaded with spare mags in the safe near the bed. They're all out of sight, no one will pull triggers if they can't access them.
  4. G21.45

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    :) I, also, don't use trigger locks. Most of them are only secure enough to slow you up for long enough to get killed. If you lose the key and need to get a trigger lock off, then, hand the gun to your kid. He won't have a problem with it. This said, the cable locks work best; but, bolt cutters are able to easily defeat them, too.

    All of my principal weapons have the barrels coated with Sentry Solutions, 'Smooth Kote' and are stored with the magazines downloaded by one or two rounds, and in Condition Three. I keep most of my firearms inside a large gun safe with a heavy steel door and mechanical spin-dial lock. ;)