Gun Steel and Hand Engraving

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    This was my first engraving project. It was done for me by Steve Clouser of Sundance Engraving Reading,Pa 1993
    Engraving can be good or bad. Bad engraving might better have not been done, except the engravers are like all the rest of us. They learn best by the mistakes they make. Really good engravers often remark that their early work really magnify their skill level in design and cutting. Some cuts are rough some spacing imbalanced and some scrolls are more flat than curved and lines vary in width and depth of cut.
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    Engraving is something I've always sort of wanted to try but never got around to. One of these days I still might try it if I can ever run up on the tools cheap enough.

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    Not me, I'd be too afraid of butchering the firearm. :eek: I'll leave mine plane Jane like they come from the factory ;)

    Your revolver sure looks nice though, congrats! :)