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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Kain, Nov 27, 2010.

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    I know the topic has fairly well been beaten to death, but seriously; what is wrong with people at gun shows? I went to one today, and honestly I want my $8 entrance fee back. There were basically 3 real firearms sellers there and about 30 people selling crap. And almost every patron fell into one of three categories: 1. The Vet. The old war veteran in full regalia who has no intrest in firearms and just wants to stand around talking to other Vets in the middle of walkways. 2. The Ghetto Thug Wannabe. I literally heard the phrase "where yo Glocks be at?" more than once. This almost frightened me as much as 3. The Stoner. These people wander around with glazed looks in their eyes, 45 visible piercings and a marajuana leaf embroidered at least once on their clothing. Almost no one was making a purchase, possibly because there was little worth buying. Just a LOT of milling about. I went with over $1000 in my pocket looking to make a purchase and left with nothing. I actually stood at a booth for almost 10 minutes holding a shotgun wanting to buy it, but no one came over to take my money. Oh and one of the three real firearms sellers is my usual gun shop, not 3 miles from my house. And not one person working THAT booth is someone I'm used to seeing at the shop.
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    I have about given up on the local gun shows. I have all the beef jerky and costume jewelry I need. I collect older Mossberg 22s. The last 10 shows I have been to, I have more Mossy 22s that all 10 shows COMBINED had.

    I'll save my admission fees, and shop on gunbroker and auction arms.

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    depends on where ya are. the gunshows here tend to be ok. and conservative politicians show up and speak with people and answer questions one to one for hours. i have seen state senators representatives and even our current gov elect at these shows and had a lot of questions answered face to face.

    ive found some rare items and some cool stuff. not all are like that some suck but its 5 bucks for at least the run length of a movie i spend at one. its good cheap fun.
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    The local show here are pretty decent. You have to know value to do well but there are bargins to be had. As for the old war veterans in full regalia, I wish we had more of them at the shows I attend. So I could shake there hand, hear there stories and thank them. I expect they are just wanting reconition for what they have done for our nation and spend time with like minded people...sorry they got in your way???? I won't go into the piercings issue, surfice to say don't judge a book by the cover, read a few words first before you judge.
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    The shows around here (Kenny Woods) are pretty good. Most the sellers are FFL holders. The prices have been pretty erratic the last few shows depending on what headline is buzzing at the time. For the most part the BO panic stampede has subsided and the prices have been falling some. I don't look at too many new guns in places like that. I know a few of the dealers from loitering in their shops. For the most part I'm looking for parts, reloading components and the one deal that will speak to me.

    Not many stoners and most the older guys are farmers that have an old piece or two looking for a trade. WE do get our share of mall ninjas though that want to know how to make a Glock full auto because that is really really important!:eek: Lives are at stake man!