Gun Show!

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    Today, took a trip to Albuquerque Gun Show! The crowd, it was jammed bumper -to-bumper. Alot of goods; however, the price tags were a little to high for some - used and new. The rifle selection was large; but, the prices were too high!

    Afterwards, took a drive to the local Sportsman's Warehouse that had an event for the first 500 tickets. You received a ticket and acquired your goods (anything) and return to the cash register, once the items were total - you then selected a balloon that had a small paper with a percentage written on it from 5 to 100% off the purchase. I got 5%.

    I picked up some ammo .22LR for target.

    Can you all imagine acquiring a Bushmaster 50 BMG with goodies and select the 100% off tag. :eek: $6,343.00 heart failure!