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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by raveneap, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Posted this on another board and wanted to put it here too to see if it's a trend or just an oddity.

    My son & I went to a small gun show this morning sponsored by a small Fish & Game club. We go each year and there are several vendors’ tables and a few folks looking/buying etc. They’ve got a large parking lot but never more than 25% full when we get there. We arrived this morning a couple hours after the doors opened and the lot was full and cars were parked at the side of the road for a quarter of a mile before the driveway plus the other side had a number of parkers too. Inside you literally could not move until the line of folks looking at the tables moved. Their annual gun raffle, this year a nice 30-06 which usually runs for both days of the show was already sold out only 2 hours in to the first day. I wondered what the reason was and I think my son came up with the answer: “Obama fear.” Anyone else run in to this? And no, neither of us found anything we had to have.
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    Definitely not an oddity. The recent gun show in Costa Mesa CA had 400,000 attendees. It was absolutely packed, almost to the point where you couldn't easily move around some of the more crowded booths. The ammo booths were packed 2-3 deep with customers all day long. We spoke with one vendor who told us that Miwall Ammo expected to sell $1M of ammo over the course of the weekend.

    The crazy thing is that although they have reasonably good prices on ammo at the shows, it's not really much better than you can get if you shop around online. The gun prices are generally not great either. So when you factor in the entry and parking fees (at least what we have to pay here in CA) it really doesn't pay to go if you are just looking to save money. It can make for an entertaining day though.

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    Yeah its funny that "gun show prices" used to mean a better deal. Now it seems like (to me anyway) things are MORE expensive there, especially ammo. The last one I went to I figured I would get ammo. Nope. The bulk ammo there was much higher than I could find on the net, and it was even higher than the local Cabela's. That one I couldn't believe. Usually Cabela's is the higher retailer. Oh well. Like you said, anymore I dont go to buy, just to look.
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    I drove 70 miles to a gun show this morning. As usual, there was a pretty nice turnout. I notice that the Garands and those evil black guns were selling at a little higher cost than last month. I didn't buy much either, although, if I would of had an extra $1100.00 I could of bought a real nice 70 series Gold Cup from a private owner. It was by far the nicest firearm I came across at the show. Hang around here long enough and you will want one also.
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    That's one reason why I like to go to the bi-annual machine gun shoot and show at Knob Creek in West Point KY, they don't charge for parking and only charge 10 bucks for adult entry. Just a hint though, if you go in the spring, drive a 4x4 cause you'll need it. Their parking lots are just fields and in the spring they turn into mud pits, without a 4WD you'll have to wait for a KCR employee to pull you out with a skidsteer. They usually have pretty good prices on things plus they have ammo you can't or have trouble finding other places, like .22 LR tracers or incendiary. I almost bought some 12 gauge beanbag rounds.
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    There was a show in my area at the turn of 2009. The prices were relatively high on the Black Rifles (& parts/ accessories) but the ammo prices were not half bad. I was looking for a .357, but decided to buy some ammo as I couldn't find a wheel-gun I was interested in.
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    I've seen news reports that gun sales at retailers are up about 40% since the election. Mostly handguns and utility rifles (semi-auto, detachable magazine-fed rifles). I'm sure this trend carries over to the swap meet & gun show.

    Shelves at my local dealers are all out of AR platform guns last time I checked.
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    I was at the gun show in Houston yesterday and the prices were very high. Ammo was just a tad high, but the guns were way too high. Just one example is a side by side 12 guage, the guy was firm at $399 and it was used, I can go to the local chain store and buy it for $330 new in the box. This is just one small example, but the gun shows prices have gotten higher than retail stores. Something is not right there.