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  1. northhike

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    I am going to be going to my first gun show this weekend at the Armory in Minnesota. Most of my guns have been purchased via Gander Mountain, Cabelas and small gun shops.

    Any tips on these shows as I hunt for more rimfire power? :D
  2. NGIB

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    Maybe gun shows are different up North, but here there are really no deals to be found. About the only reasonable stuff to be had is from other folks walking around trying to sell or trade their guns. I quit going some years ago as it was always the same folks trying to sell guns at too high prices...

  3. JonM

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    dont take anymore than 20$ for your first time. for your next show be sure you get a blue book on guns. usually gunshow prices are outrageous. all my gunshow firearms have been bought from other random people walking around.

    have a solid idea on what your looking for. write down notes on price based on condition. stick to your plan. if you dont see what you want for the right price keep walking.

    gunshows are buyer beware.
  4. etaoin

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    In my experience, it's been a mixed bag. Prices on lots of stuff near or over MSRP, but if you've done some homework and know what going prices are for what you're after, you might find a real deal. I did last weekend.

    I'd been wanting a new .22LR -- my first in about 40 years. I had narrowed down my research to either a Marlin 39A or a Henry Golden Boy. Both the last show and this one, I found some of each, but the sellers were wanting nearly MSRP with no wiggle room.

    Until I walked by the last table on my way out the door and found a guy with several Henry models and I looked at the price tag. Shocked, I asked if this was new and he confirmed. The price was $120+ LESS than the other tables were wanting. I snatched that up right NOW.

    Once in a while, even an old dog finds a bone.
  5. CA357

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    You may be able to find some decent prices on ammunition. Magazines and accessories can sometimes be had for decent prices as well. Just do your homework and don't overpay for stuff.

    If there's something you really need that's hard to find, then allow yourself to buy it, even if it seems a bit high. But that's only if it's been difficult to find and you really need it. Wanting it is okay too, but try not to overpay. Haggling is acceptable at gun shows, just be reasonable and polite.

    My favorite line when haggling is just to ask if there's any wiggle room in the price. It's not insulting, it's polite and it's not aggressive.

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  6. danf_fl

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    I have seen items on tables and asked the vendor for a card. After doing research, I would contact vendor (if I still wanted the item) to see if they still had it. I've gotten good deals like that after the show closes.
  7. aandabooks

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    If you see people walking around with guns slung over their arms, just ask them if they are selling.

    I missed a Marlin 60 with almost no wear because I didn't ask and the guy standing next to me asked. The guy carrying the gun said that the first $75 would buy the gun. Wished I would have asked first.
  8. big shrek

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    Haggle like a little old lady at a garage sale.

    You think I'm kidding...those old broads can stomp a salesman into the dust :D

    I learned hagglin from watching my grandmother...
    she was the sweetest granny in the world, until she started hagglin...
    Evil...pure EVIL.