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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by TheLeprechaun, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. TheLeprechaun

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    Soon I am going to a gun show, what kind of hazards should I watch out for when purchasing from a gun show? Anyone have any bad experiences?
  2. ScottG

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    The main hazard is the inflated price to most guns, or tripping over a beef jerky vendor, or a seller of velvet John Wayne pictures, or Indian jewelry sellers, or....

    As for problems? None. I've purchased two guns from gun shows. I wanted both items and although I paid more than they were worth, I have no plans to sell them so giving the seller a few more dollars and keep them in business wasn't a big deal.
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  3. Fozzy_Bear

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    So, how'd it go?

    (I'm guessing you meant that it was this weekend...)

    Did you manage to stay clear of the Jerky vendors?

    Buy anything?
  4. Zappa

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    Hey, don't be pickin' on the beef jerky guys, that's half the reason I go to the gun shows! .........It certainly isn't for the bargains..........
    Funny thing about gun shows, some of them have strange local laws they have to follow. Example, Springfield Mass. (hometown of Smith & Wesson), it's the biggest gun show in New England and it's held inside a huge complex. However, loaded ammo, gun powder and live primers are NOT allowed inside the building.
    Those vendors are forced to set up in big tents outside in the parking lot.
    Picture this, 10 tons of ammo and components on pallets, stacked up inside a big tent, in February, with several propane heaters going.
    Gee, that's MUCH safer than letting them bring the stuff inside.........:D