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    Shark Coast Tactical will be at the Port Charlotte Gun Show this weekend.

    Look for the girls and the big black sign with Shark Gun Logo!

    Event held at Charlotte County Fairgrounds

    2333 El Jobean Rd., Port Charlotte, FL, 33948

    (941) 629-4252

    Product we will have:

    Springfiled XDS in 9mm

    Springfiled XD 9mm in 3"

    Taurus 709 Slims in 9mm

    Taurus Millennium 9mm

    Taurus TCP in pink

    Taurus TCP in black

    Taurus TCP in conceal carry package

    Smith and Wesson 642

    Rossi 357

    Smith and Wesson MP10 308 (ar-10 type)

    Sig M400 enhanced magpul (ar-type)

    300acc Black Out Ammo

    300 whisper ammo

    223/556 ammo

    9mm ammo

    45acp ammo

    Keltec RFBs

    Keltec Sub 2000s

    Mossberg 930s (semi suto)

    Core Piston ARs

    Bushmaster ARs

    Omni ARS

    10/22 Takedowns


    10/22 w Lasers

    Complete Uppers


    Springfield XDM XD 9 40 in compact and sub compact

    Ruger LC9 and LCP with Laser!

    Glock 26 30 19 22 17 21 23 30 gen 3 and gen 4

    DPMS Recon

    Beretta 9mm Tactical Carbine

    Canick 55s

    762 ammo

    Mossberg 715Ts

    Remington 887 Nitros

    Mossberg Nighttrain 308s in OD Green

    AK Pistols: Paps, Hellpups,

    Savage Axis in 308, 223, 30-06

    Uzi 9mms with folding stocks

    Remy 1100s

    Wasr 10s


    M+M Aks

    MPA Mac-10 things

    Walther PPQ 9mm

    SW SDVEs 9s, Bodyguards, M&P full size and compacts


    Taurus 85s in 38

    Ruger SR9

    The New Beretta 22 tactical rifle

    The Beretta tactical 9mm

    Good looking women selling guns and doing papaer work.

    Come see us please.
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  2. DFlynt

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    Wish I could be there but I don't think I can make the drive from Missouri. When did they start holding Gun Shows out at the fairgrounds in Port Charlotte? Only thing that used to be out there was the the baseball stadium.

  3. Daoust_Nat

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    Wish I could be there. I enjoy the hell out of gun shows. Go to the Orlando one all the time, have been to Tampa, and was in Niceville last week and they had one in Destin. Managed to get there and buy some ammo. Enjoy the show.