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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by woody63m, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Now my wife has hasn't really cared about my gun hobby and I've been trying to get her involved in it more and nothing has worked. I took her to a gun show yesterday and it was amazing she wants a little of everything now she really likes the XDS and she also wants a colt AR15 and a AR10
    Not onl that but she is starting to get into the prepping side of stuff to we got her a bugout bag and she wants to start putting stuff in it already its awesome.
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    That is good news! OH WAIT! I think you have created a monster. Ask JonM about his shotgun experience a few weeks ago. You can find his Thread on here! You are DOOOOMED~ LOL!:D
    But you will have a lot of fun! Glad to see she is getting interested.


  3. JonM

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    yeah your done. i lost my savage 10 fcpsr in 308 with nightforce nxs f1 scope and surefire suppressor to my monster :( i just got a beretta m9a1 and i still havent learned my lesson, i let her shoot it *sigh* in fact im so damn stupid i INSISTED she try it