Gun Show in Lakeland, FL

Discussion in 'Gun Shows' started by cottontop, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. cottontop

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    This weekend, Saturday and Sunday the 21st and 22nd, there is a gun show put on by the Lakeland Rifle and Pistol Club at the Lakeland Center in downtown Lakeland. I'm going to try to pick up some reloading stuff and maybe a .308 bolt action if I find one at the right price.
  2. Gatoragn

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    That used to be the biggest show in central FL, don't know how it measures up these days.

    Good luck on your search.

  3. cottontop

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    Went to the show on Saturday. Got lots of ammo, bullets, primers, brass and powder. I could only find one box of 6mm bullets. Most of the guns were priced higher than they should of been. I guess they figure that most buyers want to haggle. Anyway, I did find a fairly nice matte finish model 98 Mauser rebarreled to .308 Win. w/ a new bolt handle, low scope safety, nice but plain walnut sporter after market stock, and an installed 3-9 scope. The trigger pull was fine, not sure if it was aftermarket or not. Anyway, the total price w/ tax and call was just under $400 out the door. I think it was a good deal.
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    I have noticed gun show prices on guns higher than my local gun shop. Why would you drive all the way there and pay to park, and pay more? I do find good deals on ammo, but do the vendors realize how much more business they could do selling firearms at a reasonable price? :confused:
  5. cottontop

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    I guess these gun dealers are not very good businessmen. The guy wanted $400 for the gun I bought. I offerred $300. He said no but we did split the difference. There are two M98 action sporters at my local gun shop and they have not even been rebarreled as they still have the step barrels in the original 8mm Mauser calibers. He wants $798 for one and $998 for the other. Those prices are way too high. But most of the gun show prices are too high also. I guess I lucked out.