Gun shops business booming.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by bobbyb13, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I went to Charleston SC to do a little more spoiling damage to the Grankids, and my Son and his Wife could go out for Valentine's day. Tough assignment but I struggled through. Saturday we went to a large Gun shop and indoor range combo. The place was packed. First timers buying AR platform rifles, handguns, and ammo standing three deep at the counter. We had to hang around for an hour just to get to use the range. My Son knows the happy owner. He told Matt that his sales was already 5 times higher than last Jan-Feb. time period. AR platform Rifles selling for $1400 to ????. 9mm and 5.56 selling by the 500 to 1000 round case faster than he could get it. The fear factor is running high. Stopped at 2 pawn shops we usually check out. There were 2 used Century AR15 A2 rifles at one. Ready for this: $2000.00 each. Springfield XD 45ACP: $800.00 Supply and demand + panic buying.
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    WOW. Prices are pretty stable where I am, I am surprised they can bring that. You can still find ARs in the 10 percent or so range over what they were bringing last year.
    I bet the shop owner was happy! Glad you got to go and further the grandkids education though!

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    A shop I stopped at Sunday had stripped lowers for 220.00! It is nuts, good thing I foresaw and bought in July.
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    It apparently is like that all over the country. Was at a gun shop and couldn't even get close to the counter to see any of the guns. There was a line 5 deep just to pay for the ammo, and there were around 10 guys working behind the counter.
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    I went to Bass Pro Shops and Green Top Bass Pro was packed but the gun and ammo section was not that bad. Rimfire and pistol look to be the ones selling out.

    Greentop was packed you could barly breath. They had a good selection of power and bullets but primers were pistol both large and small or large rifle primers oh and shotgun primers. No small rifle they did ave about 10,000 CCI BR-2 Large Rifle Match primers.

    Just give it time and it will settle down to many people out there being stupid. Also too many willing to spend $50 on a brick of Federal std velocity match 22lr (Federal 711B). That just pisses me off to no end everyone is price gouging but no one is saying one thing about it. I seen Remington VLS in 223 an exact copy of my 223 I bought it for $600 now it was on the used rack for $1200 USED. I think I might sell mine or trade it for a Savage F-class in 6.5-284. Seen a bottom of the line AR-15 (Looks just like the mil issue m-16) for $1900.