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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by clr8ter, Jun 4, 2011.

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    So the LGS had an open house today. Smaller place, but apparently well-known. Lots of free food, door prizes, polka music, raffles, black powder cannon, Class III shooting, and vendors. Savage is in our neck of the woods. The rep they sent was great, and their guns were impressive. The accutriger is awesome! I will definitely be buying one of theirs when the time comes. I was also surprised at how many other companies were local and representing. Mossberg.....their new chainsaw 12 GA pump is very impressive, excellent rep. Yankee Hill Machine, a lot of insane AR's, & supressors. AR's our of my $ range, but super cool. They also had several supressed pistols to shoot!! (Ruger MK III, another Ruger pistol, and 10/22 integral supressor. Super quiet.) The gun shop had an M-16 full auto lower, 22LR upper converted to belt fed that they were letting people shoot. Also WAAAAY out of my price range, but if only I was made of money. This gun & the supressed 10/22 was my wife's first experience shooting ANYTHING. She didn't like the 10/22. Too heavy.......Oh yeah, and the weather was PERFECT!!!! Will be going back next year!!!
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    That sounds like some awesome fun. I wish my LGS was that cool.