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    About 6 or 7 years ago when I was on the local school board I brought a gun safety presentation to the grade school. The rest of the board rejected the NRA Eddie Eagle program because they thought the "NRA presenting to the kids would send the wrong message". Seriously. They said that. I got the County Sheriff to step up to the plate though and they sent a couple of Deputies who did a decent presentation normally done for Boy Scout Troops. Nearly half of the kids attending the school showed up for it and after it was done I heard some complaints by two or three parents because the Sheriff's program has a lot of guns in it, showing several types and describing how they function (revolvers, semi-auto, shotguns, an CAR-15, etc.) and they thought that was "inappropriate". I told them that the Eddie Eagle Program by the NRA probably would have been exactly what they wanted, but that it had been rejected.