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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by ArrizX, May 10, 2009.

  1. ArrizX

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    I am looking for just a standard steel safe that would be more of a storage place then an actual safe. I however do not want a cabnit.

    I will need two, I am looking for something cheaper though

    Stack-On 14-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

    I remember walmart had safes just like this but 10 gun for a hunded dollars not to long ago. They no longer seem to carry them,.

    Any idea where to get something like this but cheaper?
  2. mrm14

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    I dont know which safe to buy now, but if you do buy a .22 guage wall light safe make sure to anchor it to the floor. Mine I had built custom in 1997 or so and it weighs just under 1800 lbs. empty. I figutre if they can lift the weight of this heavy pig they can have whats in it.

    Browning makes a nice piece which is light weight enough to move around and not cause problems with raised foundation floors.

  3. .22hustler

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    I bought a Stack-on from Dicks. It's a 24 gun safe, wieghs in at 500lbs.It can withstand 1300 degrees for 30 minutes. However, that 24 gun safe holds about 16 guns!!!To get 24 in there, you really have to do some thinking, and be very careful moving them around.
  4. cpttango30

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    Got a spare closet? then get yourself a plan steel security exterior door. Install that door on the closet add good quality door knob and dead bolt and then just hang a drape over it of nothing at all. That will give you plenty of space and will not run you near as much as them stack on safes.