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  1. roscoe999

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    I have taken part of my closet in our new addition and constructed a gun safe. It is made of welded 1/4 inch cold rolled steel plate. It is 63 " wide 73" high and 23" deep. My problem is what to line it with? I have looked at felt and other materials but can’t decide which would be best. Ideas and where to get material will be greatly appreciated.
  2. SecPro

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    Howdy padre! Swing on through the intro section and tell us a bit about yourself.
    As for your question. Checkout any local fabric shop and have at it.

  3. Glasshartt

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    How about carpet? A low indoor-outdoor type, like they sell by the foot for runners.
  4. cpttango30

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    I would get some liquid nails and get me a bunch of cedar or other kind of wood Stain it nice and glue it to the steel.

    You could then add cleats to the wall to hold the guns upright or make racks and attach them to the wood then glue it all up and prop some board on it to hold it nice and snug till the glue sets.
  5. mrm14

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    My Hall's safe, they are now out of business, is lined with dense short knap carpet on the walls floor and lid with medium padding. The jewelery drawers are lined with velvet mohair like material. The file cabnit like the jewelry drawers exterior is solid cherry wood.
  6. BillM

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    I lined mine with two layers of 1/2" sheetrock for some fire resistance, then
    just taped/textured/painted it like a wall. It's a wee bit larger--6'x7'x8'.:)
  7. jeepcreep927

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    This is the route I would go also. After going through the trouble and expense of making the space thief proof, adding the fire protection would be the finishing touch.
  8. progun3400

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    When I was looking prior to buying mine, this is what everything I was reading said. They're lined with drywall, then covered in fabric, carpet, etc.

  9. TexasPatriot

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    This was one of my projects when I built my home some years ago. After pouring the concrete walls, I finally settled on using some furnace insulation between the 1/2" steel plate I installed in 12" strips and painstakingly welded into place. Then lined it with 12" square ceramic plates. Followed up with tongue and groove oak flooring salvaged from a 'recycled' house that belonged to a neighbor friend who wanted it torn down. I got the insulation from a saw mill that was scrapping a boiler. The 1/2" thick ceramic tiles I bought from a local salvage company. Evidently, they were used in heat treating kilns and they got them from God knows where. I topped it all off with a Browning Safe Door that is made for this sort of project. Using salvaged material, the biggest outlay was the 12" thick concrete walls. I poured these and built the log house up around them, the same for the fireplaces. I knew basically what I wanted to begin with, and since I was using logs cut from my own property and hand fitting them, it was surprisingly cost effective over all. I've always been a big DIYourselfer and always love to see others taking rejected materials and building something useful, if not outright beautiful...
  10. 7.62 Man

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    I made gun cabinet out of a big steel electrical switch cabinet.
    For lining I used some dark gray auto carpet I got at Wal-Mart, it was easy just cut and fit it in to the inside of the cabinet.
    And then I used spray on contact cement to stick it to the walls.
    The smell wasn’t the greatest but I let the door stand open for a few days and the odor went away.
    The carpet is only about 1/4" thick so it was easy to cut with scissors.
    It was very professional looking when it was done, and the guns love it.:)
  11. Boba_Debt

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    I bought a raw 7' x 3' x 2' safe from Smiths Safes for $1100 and finished it myself.

    As some have stated you can use 2 layers of fire resistant drywall for fire protection.

    I built the shelf system and guns racks from MDF and covered them with Automotive Speaker Box Carpet that I bought on ebay.

    It is very easy to work with

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