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  1. srl07

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    Hi! I am researching gun safes as I would like to purchase one for my husband's birthday and the info is so overwhelming I'm seeking more direct help. I'm guessing he owns approximately 8-10 guns. I know he has an AR15, at least two glocks, at least 2 shotguns and some type of Wilson handgun (clearly, I do not know my guns). He also has a couple of longer guns and swords (passed down from great-grandparents) in the basement. We have two small children and need to do something now! I know I could spend thousands but I really want to get the most bang for my bucks and spent $400-$700. I have looked at Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Resistant Gun Safe and several Sentry models. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. russ

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    Do you have a Sam's Club nearby? In your price range they may be your best bet. I'd steer clear of the Stack-On stuff, as they are not much more than a locking cabinet, unless of course, that's all you are really after.

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    Plan on buying a gun safe larger than what you think you need. Not that it would entice him to buy a few more toys!!! HA!
    But in all seriousness they are also good for securing a small lock box important items as jewelry and other valuable items!
    But get a good one! Because you not only want it for security but protection against the valuables inside should you have a fire or natural disaster. And in some cases of other valuables can even reduce insurance rates on them.

  4. hunter Joe

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    If there is a Tractor Supply store in your area you can get a real decent Cannon safe for around $600.00.
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    Way to be misinformed......

    The Stack on Total Defense would be a good choice for your husband. The 24-28 gun would be in your price range and leave room for valuables and more guns.

    They are waterproof to 3 ft and fire lined. AND as good as any Winchester safe you'll find at Sam's.
  6. russ

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    Pardon my ignorance. I'll rephrase, the only Stack-On stuff I've seen first hand has been low cost stuff that appeared cheaply made. I didn't realize they made a higher tier of product.
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    I have a safe I got from Sam's. I looked all over, the gun shops, Tractor Supply, Orschlen's, etc. and decided that the size and fire protection from the Centurion safe at Sam's was the best buy.

    The down side is that it has an electronic keypad instead of a dial mechanism. I am seriously thinking about replacing it witha one that is completely mechanical. A gun safe is like a garage, it looks big when it is empty, but fills faster than you would imagine. My advice is to get as large as the budget allows. You will make your husband very happy with a gift like this.
  8. srl07

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    Thanks! Yes, definitely want a safe vs locker. I do have a Sam's, Costco, Gander Mtn, Dick's Sporting Goods, Tractor Supply and Johnson's Safes (local guy who does custom stuff) at my disposal. I've narrowed down to the Stack on 24 (great reviews by the way), Centurion CN22, Cannon 24, Sentry 14 (2050633) or a splurge with the cheapest safe Johnson makes which is right at $1,000 (dimensions 24x60x20, 475lbs--Of course, we always like to do local business if possible). My other thought was to stick some cash in an envelope, put on a snug fitting infidel t-shirt and call it a Happy Birthday; that's all it really takes anyway!
    Thanks again! ;)
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    I think your other idea is the best let him choose... oh yeah and the T-shirt thing is so true;)
  10. ScottA

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    I recently purchased a Liberty Centurion 22 from Gander Mountain for around $560. I am very satisfied with it. It is fire rated and has very flexible shelving inside. Many of the less expensive safes I researched didn't have very flexible shelving options. The Liberty was the best of the bunch I found.