Gun Rights Case Update

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Bear902, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Bear902

    Bear902 New Member

    The Case at LINK DELETED BY MODERATOR which we've been involved in for two years is now being Petitioned at the California Appellant Court. We suffered a defeat at the County Court agaisnt a gerrymandered stacked jury with allegations bribery. Then the Court staged a secret appeal hearing which has no documentation of having occurred.. So we fired the second lawyer and hired a third to file the Petition. We anticipate the need to Federal Court and will be needing further financial assistance to retain Counsel.
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  2. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Sorry, but I cannot assist you.
    This being your first post, and you ask for money, showing signs of phishing (a website I will not click on to see if it is legitimate.), just does not seem like a proper thing to do.

    A forum is a good place to get information, and to help others, and to seek help, but the way you have gone about it, sends "red flags" to me.

  3. TekGreg

    TekGreg Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    What he said. ^^^^^
  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Start by reading the terms of service of the website, stop by the introduction thread and say hello. However, a first post seeking financial aid is not a good way to begin here.
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