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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Gun Forum' started by vendking15, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I live on Ellwood City Pa, looking to join either a pistol club or gun club in the area, also looking for a good shooting range if anyone has any info on either please let me know
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    Ellwood Wampum Rod and Gun is just outside Ellwood. I was a member there a few years ago it's around $35 per year. You can join during a monthly meeting (can't remember what day) or during one of the turkey shoots they do in the fall. Small club with a short rifle range (you almost always have the place to yourself).

    Lawrence County Sportsmen's is just north of Wampum. $75 per year. It has: 600 yard rifle range, skeet, trap, sporting clays, a 22 pistol course, idpa events, a nice new clubhouse, separate area near the rifle range for handgun shooting. You have to attend a meeting third Tuesday every month 8pm and have a member sponsor you. Most members are happy to do this.

    If you want any more info feel free to pm me.