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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by JuggNuttz, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. JuggNuttz

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    Im looking at buying a new Handgun, currently the only handgun i own is a SIG P229 .40 S&W. I do like SIG a whole lot, and am kinda looking at the SIG 250, in probably a SIG .357, to start and later purchase kits in 9mm and maybe .45 (I believe they do .45 in the 250). Anyone use a SIG 250 yet? How do you like it, and does it seem as reliable as the other SIG's?

    Another gun im looking at for pure home defense is a Taurus Judge. At home i would only keep the 410 ga. in it, as if someone were to break into my home, with the shotgun shell i wont have to aim as well in a sleepy stupor, and any misses wont go through a wall and harm anyone outside my home. So anyone have/use a Judge? I know Taurus is a decent name, but not a great name, but generally have good stuff.

    Thanks for any info!!
  2. Ram Rod

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    In my opinion, when you are thinking you won't have to aim as well when using the 410 shotshell, I think you're mistaken. And if you expect that to drop someone at 10 paces with clothing on, then you're probably mistaken again. In my book, a pistol in 45acp is the best home defense choice. Prefferably one with a rail mount for a flashlight or laser. If you want a shotgun, just stick to a shotgun in 12 or 20ga and as short as possible. I like the SIG P220 SAO myself. Haven't heard much about the P250 and not sure it comes in 45auto. I believe each tool has a purpose. Changing calibers in the same pistol just doesn't really appeal to me. Marketing hype is just hype for the most part. To each his own. Good luck finding what you want and making it work for you.

  3. JuggNuttz

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    I love a good debate, and i thank you for your input, i wanna clarify some things. I dont expect to fully put down an invader, just put him in a world of hurt, and i think the 410 will do that. as far as aiming, well yes i think you can be less precise with a 410 in a hand gun because of the short barrel, the shot will spread more, while a .45 will have a straight line of aim. personal opinion im sure. ;)

    OK i did look it up and the full size P250 does come in .45acp Products & Services. I do like the thought of switching things out, as if you find a grip you really like and am completly comfortable with, why not switch out the caliber for whatever it is your doing, or what you feel like shooting that day?

    Personal opinion i know, thanks for your reply and info, i welcome it all!
  4. Mark F

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    I have a 4510 "Judge".t's my wifes house gun. Don't under estimate the power of a .410, it will so aome serious damage.
  5. SlamFire

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    Judge is a decent option . . .

    But there are other options. In a shotgun, I'd get a shotgun. In a handgun, I'd go with 45 ACP, or .357 mag.
  6. Angrypoonani

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    If you're getting a SIG you can't go wrong... they are all excellent guns and very reliable. Just get the one you like. I'll be getting the P220 Elite Dark here come summer after I've saved a bit of cash. They are rather expensive though
  7. hunter Joe

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    I believe the Judge would make a perfect home protection gun for anyone. I work at an indoor range and have witnessed the big holes that sucker blow in the middle of the targets. That gun gets big grins from everyone that shoots it and I have yet talked to anyone that regretted the purchase of the Judge. A 2 3/4 inch .410 shell loaded with 00 buckshot contains 3 thirty caliber pellets. If you ask me, that is awesome fire power for home defense.

    I'm buying one for mama soon.
  8. SHOOTER13

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    My 2 cents...

    You live in Chicago...right?! Cold weather clothes at least 9 months out of the year...right?! Do you really want to trust your life to a 410 shotshell...when the perp is gonna be all bundled up in layers of cloth and leather...and could be armed too.
    Is your house or apartment big or small...lots of corners or big rooms...all this matters if you go to negotiate rooms with a shotgun or pistol.

    If ya want a shotgun...get 12 guage.
    If ya want a pistol...get a proven a caliber beginning with a 4.

    Putting holes in paper downrange looks awesome...but will that caliber you choose drop an armed perp who's bundled against the cold and is in your place in the middle of the night bent on bodily harm to you and yours...when you may only have one shot. Ya better hope so!!
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  9. JuggNuttz

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    OK guess i shoulda been a lil more precise, this isnt a first gun purchase, i have a few shotguns, an SKS and a SIG P229 .40 S&W. I'm good on Shotguns thanks! ;)

    Weather isnt as bad as you think, its not bundle up weather 9 months out of the year... 4 maybe of serious bundle up weather, then its like sweater or jacket weather, then dont forget the 4 months of 100 degree's with a sh!t ton of humidity added on.... :D

    Ok i'm pretty much sold on the Judge, im gonna buy one. Now im a lil stuck on what else to get. I really like the modular design of the SIG 250, But im also seeing alot of folks on here really like the Kimber 1911's.

    I like the look (hoping the shop has one to get a feel of) of the Beretta 90Two 90two Type F, G, But since i already have a .40, ill be stuck with a 9mm then, and not so much of a fan of the 9mm, but hey its a gun how much can i really dislike it?!

    There was something else i was looking at that i cant think of at the moment... any other suggestions much appreciated and thanks for the replies guys!