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Or more precisely - likely gun owners names and addresses published by the Journal News for several New York counties , has me concerned. This is a freedom of information act thing which I suppose is a First Amendment right, but I find this very disturbing. I don't think knowing I own a gun necessarily helps deter burgers. If I were a bugler I would like to know which houses might have a cache of firearms. What is Disturbing are the supportive comments like, "I don't want my children playing in house where there are guns". In my state many people own handguns but only a relative handful of these are permitted (which means CC permit). I would expect (and hope) that like me, permitted individuals are those that actually have some training and know how to safely use and manage their weapons.

There is a website were you can see if there are registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood. Since the courts have determined these people are criminals and they essentially have no civil rights, I think this information should be readily available. The reaction to who might own a handgun seems to be on about the same level as - well a despicable criminal. It's all about fear. The media loves to make people afraid. Well, it's working, I am very afraid that the left has gained so much momentum that gun ownership will be criminalized in this country.

I would like to see a lawsuit brought against this paper. Just because such information is available should not make it legal or ethical to print it. Especially if that information compromises the safety and integrity of law abiding citizens. The media loves to generate fear. Well, it has succeeded. I am afraid that gun ownership will be criminalized.

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