Gun orgs question-NRA vs GOA vs 2nd amndt found

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Musket, Jul 7, 2008.

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    I belong to a few groups, but recently have come to realize there are also others out there. I was wondering what folks thought about the different gun organizations--good/bad indifferent? Is it worth your dollars?

    I have been getting calls from the Second Amendment Foundation (which for whatever reason comes through as Gun Owners of America on caller ID), and was initially going to join. However a google search shows some criticism.

    Anyway--the economy is tough, so I don't have enough pennies to join everything, and wanted to get some input before I send out my dues. :)

    opinions would be appreciated.
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    It's hard to say. I just got a letter from the NRA wanting me to join as a life member and they are going to knock off $400 of the $1000. Seems like a good deal as I can pay off the balance at $25 per quarter.

    The more you can join the better it would be, just research them first. There are a couple of "gun rights" organizations who are fronts for anti-gun activists. Check out who their membership is and who runs them. If you see a democrat's name on it or someone who has said things against gun ownership, then be assured that it's a phony org just looking to dupe Americans.

    The one's I've heard about over the internet is the NRA, which everyone knows, Gun Owners of America, and Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership. For the ladies: Second Amendment Sisters as a group, but I'm not sure they're run like the NRA or GOA.

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    ScottG has brought up a couple good point's--It is a hard question and do as much research as possible to determine their true agenda and their actuall effect on the issues--everyone wants more "Bang for their Buck". I support the NRA, being as they are the most powerful Pro-Gun Org Nationwide, I also support my State Pro-Gun Org, being as they have the resources and Info on my more Local level. It's a good idea to support as many as possible--research will ensure it is money well spent.


    You can consider this for what it's worth.

    I recently emailed the NRA, the G.O.A. (twice), The Second Amendment Sisters, Florida Sport Shooting Association, The United Sportsman of Florida and The Second Amendment Coalition of Florida regarding a petition I started for the restoration of the right to open carry in Florida which can be viewed and signed at

    The ONLY institution that replied was the NRA stating they support both open carry and concealed carry and that they would forward the links I sent them to their florida lobbyists. From the others...nothing.

    Strong testimony IMO.

    Good thing too as I was just about to join the USF, had printed out the application and everything, that will not be happening now.

    I am now also very happy to be a member of the NRA, having joined for five years several months prior to creating the petition and emailing them. Had they not replied, I would have let my membership lapse and instead of my small, random donations to their legislation dept. they would have got nothing from me. Instead, their personal reply to me was worth much more than they know. Guess you could say I'm a fanboy for life now and will be upping my membership to life member. I have also seen links to articles and interviews regarding the push for open carry in both Florida and Texas scroll across the bottom of the NRA's website.

    I do not know if the other associations are offshoots of the NRA or not, they very well could be in order to make it look as though they aren't the only group in the world with a dedication to the second amendment and guns in general. I guess that would be hard to prove or disprove.

    I would let this be food for thought before joining any organization, we join organizations in the hopes that they feel and think as we do, and are seeking the same goals and have the same agenda.

    One way to determine if one is for you then, is to do as I have done...write them. No reply? Then why would you want to give them your money and proudly display that you're affiliated with them? If they don't have the time for you, why should you make time for them?