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    I recently got alot of free gun locks except they are all this type that is made of a steel rope connected to what looks like a modified master lock. I bet if I got the bolt cutters with the 2 foot long handles on them I could easily snip this away, or are these steel ropes made of something stronger than I could cut with that? I want something uncuttable, high security not a bike chain.
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    Buy some quality trigger locks.

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    I think gun locks are primarly used to keep children from being able to opperate a firearm, Any moron with a rotory tool can bypass a gun lock, I have never seen one that I could not take out to the garage and remove with out to much trouble, I'm not trying to sound like anybody father, but before you buy your first firearm you should already have a vault to keep it stored in, A firearm is a huge liability, and should never be left out where anyone but you can access it, I hate to even think what can happen if it gets into the wrong hands, mine are all stored in a vault with trigger locks just in case I happen to not close it all the way or somebody is able to get it open, the ammo is stored in two other vaults seperate from the firearmes, this may seem a little extream to some of you, but every time something happens with a firearm it makes us gun owners look like sh$$ and gives the liberal gun grabbers more of an edge, not to mention I have children and I could never live with myself if something happend!!! There is no such thing as a second chance when it comes to firearmes and I'm sorry dose'nt fix anything.