Gun laws and ranges?

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    I'm from Texas but my inlaws are from south Louisiana around the Slidell area. Pearl river more specifically. I was curious about what the laws are about bringing guns across state line and transporting as well as good places to shoot next time I'm down there. In Texas we can keep a locked and loaded handgun in our vehicle within reach as long as its concealed with not permit, is it the same in La? Also any clubs or groups that shoot in that area that will let a new comer visit and shoot with them? I shoot pistol, rifle and shotgun. I'm 28 was an expert marksman in the marine corps and am locked on so no worry about me getting lost in the sauce. If anyone knows if anything let me know because I may be going down there in the next couple months. Thanks


    if the reciprocity is in effect for the two states (LA has to recognize TX, and TX has to recognize LA), then your CCW (if you have one) is recognized in LA.

    LA's law is that it is legal to OC, but check city ordnances with the city or NRA. for a resident of LA, your vehicle, is considered as an extension of your home, so a handgun can be carried loaded and in view, or tucked away. it is advisable tho, that IF YOU ARE STOPPED, you "notify" the officer/patrolman that you have a weapon in your vehicle.

    i try to be out of my truck and waitin @ the tailgate before the LEO gets out (and "notify" him/her)..........unless told otherwise over loud speaker. then, my hands are hangin out the window until i can "notify" him/her.

    as for ranges, i do not know. might be tough bein as you're that close to N.O.