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    Hi, Y'all-

    I am a member of 2 other web groups, both dealing with language studies. There is only 1 requirement to join them:

    *Proficiency in a language, and a desire to teach yours, or learn new ones.*

    Now, for those of you who are the 'teacher' types, like me:

    This gives you access to (literally) millions of people, who are students of our language, and need your help to learn it. This doesn't mean you have to know how to diagram a sentence, or the tenses of verbs, etc. All (most of them) really want is to be conversational in competent, understandable English. Since you can't help but become friends with those you teach over time, why not help them to see that Americans are not all big hairy cave men, dragging their knuckles on the ground, with a .50 Desert Eagle tucked in their crotch. Which is the image many of them get from their and our liberal media.

    I've been doing this for over a year now, and I have made many good friends, and learned much myself, about other cultures and ways-of-life. I can represent our nation, and the gun culture, to dispel the lies put out by the mass-media outlets of the world.

    Give it a try, and I bet you'll like it. I am more than glad:) to answer an quesions you may have about this, via PM, Skype, Email, or any other method.

    My profile:

    Learn Languages and Practice with Native Speakers - Profiles


    Language Learning with Livemocha | Learn a Language Online - Free!

    Language Exchange Community - Practice Foreign Languages

    Get in there, and represent U.S.!-

    P.S.-I earn no money from this, nor am I employed by either site/company. :)
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