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    Grandpa-in-law and grandma-in-law (those are words right?) just received their CHL's in their upper 80's. Grandpa is legally blind, but scored 100%. He can see the green paper with a brown wall behind. He just aimed for the middle of the green and nailed it. Grandma had even better groupings. She's got much better vision. Obviously both then came away with perfect scores. Picture of grandpa attached.

    My family has had CHL's for years. Other in-laws already had CHL's. We are just waiting on my brother-in-law now to reach 100%.

    Anyone else from a gun family?

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  2. mesinge2

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    Both of my parents, my Grandfather, my sister, my cousin, and I have our CWLs.

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    I grew up in the country. If you did not know how to use a gun (male or female) there was something WRONG with you. My grandad gave my mom a .410 that was to go to her first son (that be me) so have shot with my Mom and Dad since I was big enough to hold a gun. Dad had a CCW permit before he passed away (after his funeral, I went thru his truck and secured the firearms and ammo in it) My stepmom is in her 80's, and carries a S&W Model 37. My daughter and son have CCWs, as does oldest grandson, I shoot with the teenaged granddaughters and grandson.

    Does that count? :p
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    I do not come from much of a gun family. My Dad has a rifle and a pistol of some sort but he almost never goes shooting. My siblings and father almost fell over when I told them I bought a gun and really enjoy shooting. Guns have never really been a part of my family tradition. The only reason my Dad has a gun is because he grew up in the rough part of the city. I don't believe he really knows how to use them. I KNOW he doesn't know how to clean them. His rifle is some sort of .22 and his pistol, I believe is some sort of Luger .32. I've looked them over but I don't really know what I'm looking at.
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    I actually have a .410 that I learned on as well. I plan to pass it on to my future son or daughter.