Gun Control Laws

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    I am not a very political person but these gun control laws are creating mass chaos. My buddy Shaun at the local gun store here in Eagle River told me the next 10 shipments of .223 were already sold and the order hadn't even been placed yet! Although these laws are really pissing me off, I don't think id go as far as this guy, let me know what you all think,
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    Wow! He shouldve talked more than just mocking him like a teenager. He had good points but brought them iut in the wrong way.

  3. GeneralPatton

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    He had some decent points, however I couldn't even stand to watch the whole thing. People like him give the rest of us bad names because he flew off the handle on a tangent. If he'd just calmly school Morgan on each question, he's have been a gun rights activist hero. Instead he played the I'll raise my voice and talk over you for 15 minutes game.

    Of course, after watching a few other interviews by Morgan, he typically talks over his guests so I guess this guy gave him a taste of his own medicine.
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