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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by bkt, May 2, 2007.

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    My state (New York) assembly recently passed a bunch of gun-control bills that made my blood boil. Among them is a ban on .50 cal center-fire rifles and "armor-piercing frangible bullets". Yes, you read that right. Another bill would turn any semi-auto rifle with a pistol grip and a magazine into an assault weapon and require the owner to send it in for ballistics registration. The owner would also have to undergo a lengthy background check before they'd get their rifle(s) back.

    Now, a .50 cal rifle of the sort they wish to ban has never, in the history of New York, been used in the commission of a crime. And frangible bullets, by definition, break apart on impact and are pretty much the polar opposite to real armor-piercing rounds but the champion of this bill is not interested in facts. Clearly, the New York State assembly is comprised of a bunch of very ignorant people who are only too willing to support legislation on topics they know little or nothing about.

    How might We the People affect positive change in regard to idiots in the legislatures who are so dumb they're probably unemployable anywhere else?

    (I already wrote to the appropriate people in the Senate and I expect these bills will die there. But it's only a matter of time before the NYS Senate is overrun by leftists, too. Then I'm left with choosing to disobey the law, leaving my home for a freer state, or turning my firearms over (not gonna happen).)
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    Sadly I think a lot of people consider N.Y to be a lost state along with CA, IL, MA, and NJ. Illinois is not quite as bad as the others on that list yet, but the liberals here are working on that. No documented use of the 50BMG rifle being used in a violent crime exists in the history of the U.S. The antis know this, but target them because the 50 caliber community is small and they know going after 50's can be an easy win. Their goal is a total gun ban, and they know that can only happen step by step, state by state, banning one type of firearm at a time. As an old proverb goes "You cant eat an elephant whole. You must consume it bite by bite".

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    Thats it in a nutshell. Divide and conquer. And some members of the firearms community play into this by dividing us up into "good guns" and "bad guns". The now infamous Jim Zumbo incident, and other gun owners saying stuff like "No one needs a machine gun..."
    If you want to see where appeasing the gun grabbers leads, just look to your north, and then to the UK.