Gun Control issue doesn't survive Christmas

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by CrazedJava, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Politico - Gun Control doesn't survive Christmas

    Unfortunately, two bills are still going to be introduced tomorrow. A new AWB in the Senate and a high capacity magazine ban in Congress. Doesn't mean either will even be allowed to go to the floor for a vote but if nothing else the linked article does show that the time to capitalize on the crisis has passed.

    Speaking anecdotally, a lot of friends and neighbors simply didn't think what they heard about the new AWB would have done squat to prevent Sandy Hook. Even though they don't follow the issues as closely as I do.

    I expect most politicians to treat these bills as poison, but I will be paying special attention to any Republicans that try and jump ship over the next couple of months, assuming the bills aren't DOA on Jan 3rd.
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    The Gallup Polls show the NRA is more popular than OBama or Congress. Gun sales hit an all time record in Dec. The FBI stats show sales were 47% higher than Dec of 2011.:D

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    The assault weapon ban is too strong, and it IS poison. If someone votes for it and it actually does pass, they will be voted out next election. Much like they were during the last ban.

    I don't see the mag ban passing either for similar reasons. At least I'm hopeful neither bill passes.

    That DOES NOT mean we should let up on the pressure. Our representatives need to know we mean business. They need to know that they will lose the next election if they vote for these bills.
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    Amen. Complacency kills.

    I was, however, hoping to counter some of the doom and gloom. All is not lost if we remain vigilant.