Gun Collecting Software for the Android - $2.00

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    Although NM Collector itself will not run on the Android there is a suite of companion products for the Android ( ). One of those, NM Gun Collecting Software, is available on the Android Market (now called Google Play). It is a different program from NM Collector Software but it does interface with NM Collector Software so you can easily download your data to the Android app and upload changes from the Android to NM Collector Software.

    The cost is $2.00 on the Android Market. It will soon be available for the Kindle Fire on on the Amazon Kindle Store for $4.00.

    There is a free sister Android application called NM Home Inventory that works the same as NM Gun Collecting Software (for the Android) so if you want to see how the product works before purchasing you can download and use the free version. NM Home Inventory for the Kindle Fire is already available (for free) on the Amazon Kindle Store. You can test run this one directly from Amazon without even downloading it!

    I hope these products are of benefit to you. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback here.