Gun Cleaning Tips?

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    I've been cleaning my personal firearms for about 2 years. Complete disassembly, cleaning every ounce of dirt and grime out of the action and such and now I'm starting a small firearms cleaning business trying to save up money for gun smithing and machining school. I've been a gun fanatic ever since I was just a young boy, but is there anything else I should know that maybe you know as second nature as it pertains to cleaning tips or gun knowledge as a whole?
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    Yes if you are going into business to clean other peoples weapons and if they leave them with you. You will be required to obtain an FFL License. Then you will need to acquire insurance which is very difficult if you are not a certified trained gunsmith. Most insurance companies will not issue a policy. The other issue is personal liability when working and disassembling of customer weapons. Best to have an LLC Corp which does help to protect your personal property. It is not the total answer but recommended by most legal advisers. So it is not just as easy as starting to work on the weapons free lance! This is not to discourage you only to give you some guidelines regarding doing business with weapons. The weapons would also be entered in your FFL Book if they left the weapon with you and signed back out when they picked it up later.
    Good luck and I encourage you with your goal of going to a certified gunsmithing school.
    The other option is you can get in with a local gun dealer and operate under his or her license at their location making some extra money doing the same thing. You would technically be their employee when working on weapons at their facility. I have a friend that does that with a local dealer to make extra money. He gets no hourly wage from the shop but makes his money cleaning and repairing as a service to the shop? Everyone gains in this situation if there is enough business. Also you could advertise for the shop and your repair service. Only an idea! But even then I would be sure his insurance covers you and your work.


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    The best thing to limit your liability is an ultrasonic gun cleaning machine. That way you don't have to do as much disassembly. A LGS has an ultrasonic gun cleaner. They just clean the gun and blow it dry. It's up to the customer to lubricate the gun. Most people just bring barrels or the action in the shop for cleaning. But some people let them dunk the entire gun stock and all.