gun buying local shop vs bigbox

Discussion in 'Virginia Gun Forum' started by robertusa123, Aug 9, 2012.

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    We have a gun shop here in lkynchburg that everyone tell me the prices are to high. But compared to the bigbox and the same qulity gun I have found the prices righT in the miDdle. Your not going to find a 22 rifle fot 129 at the local store but the one he has. Has a real wood stock. Ammo I bit more that wallwy word but cheeper than dicks. And if you need some odd or rear ammo he has it or can get it. I alos like the fact that the local shop most allways had more time to anser questions. And allow you to kick the tires
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    I was always a believer in internet shopping for my guns until I had a problem with a large internet dealer. It was a local "Mom and Pop" small dealer who spent hours fighting with Glock for me when they did me wrong. The Mom and Pop dealer made $25 by receiving my $510 gun. The internet dealer offered nothing in the line of help. Glock gave me the "We're Glock, F%@K YOU!!!" attitude. The small town dealer must have spent 6 hours of his time working to fix my problem when he only made $25. His work paid off though. I have since bought 11 guns from him and am a very loyal customer.