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Gun buybacks...

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I saw this interesting news article about firearms for cash

I have known about this practice of giving up your firearm to the police for some exchange. But, I just didn't realize that this was going on that they were BUYING back weapons.

I really don't know what I think about this. I mean, my first thought is that it is more leftist control, but when I think about it, what else is an old lady going to do with her husbands gun when he passes away.

Your thoughts?
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How about she sell her husbands old M1911 for $6-800 to a gunshop or collector instead of $50 to see it melted. I hate the term "buyback," they never were theirs to buy back.
Firearms can be legally resold and more money is realized than basically giving it/them to someone to destroy. Buy backs do not work, have not worked in the past and I don't see it working in the future.
Also remember there have been cases where guns bought in buy back programs have been used later in crimes. They do not work plain and simple. I do however like the idea of having a gun drive for junk guns that no longer work. We could round up a bunch of Jennings, and Brycos to take to a buy back and use the funds for ammo to have an open range day for the public. All at the Joyce Foundations expense :D .
Old ladies who are recently widowed are much more likely to be a victim of crime than most of us posting on here. My suggestion is not to give the gun to the police but learn to use it and defend herself.
Yup, a .38 in the sewing basket ain't a bad idea. A good "suprise" thing.

by jigsaw
Here is Australia we had guns taken away from us in 1996 under the guise of a politically correct 'buyback'.

Like the word 'buyback' the government misused an enourmous amount of money set aside for health to buyback something that was never ever owned by them in the first place and had not been offered for sale by their legitimate owners.
buy back balony

I have seen these buy backs in Mass.they salt the deal withATF guns then take media pictures afterwards take guns back.there are some buy backs Iv seen colt 6x/ruger/c&b and other high value guns.there was a dealer who bought guns wholesale and turned them in for $100 he made $60 on the deal.
If I had the money I would offer a buy back program myself, $5 per 1911a1 not a bad deal
Gun By backs?

Hello all

Ron L here = Seresurplus

While I think Most gun by back programs are stupid, Don't work, Never do criminials turn thier n and Often go to People too stupid to know what they are turning in? Many Good firearms are lost to that madness?

I will relate a short story of how me and my Mates turned a Very silly program into a Christmas wash? While Most Navy Enlisted Folks do get Paid on the 15 Of December, the navy (In thier great Wisdon) always does an audit of Pay records on the Month of DEC and if you were over paid or your travel Funds were not in Order, many a sailors check would be 0 on the 15TH dec payday Just before Christmas! This had Happened to me oftem as I traveled a lot, But on December, Due to heavy Gas Bills and Travel overpayments, I was shorted all but $50.00 of my pay! While we had gotten the Children Gifts, we still didn't have Gifts for each other, as well the Dinner $ was lacking, so we saw an TV ad for Norfolk Police Dept GUN By Back, $50.00 Handguns, $10-15 Rifles and Shotguns! While I would never sell off any of my own Guns, I had Buckets (5 Gallon) of Crunched Guns I had Bought a few months back for parts! I told the Wife, if we can make any of them work, perhaps we could Save our Christmas? We Looked thought the entire 3 Buckets and came up with the 3 Handguns each that we could Let them BUY BACK? These were Twisted, Crunched Guns, Mostly Zink Frame Ravens, Jenings, RG REVOLVERS and the Like, with a lot of Pounding, Putting them in my Vice and Smashing them back strait we came up with 6 guns to turn in! I took 3, the wife the other 3! These were sorry examples of work, but no worse than many I saw that were on the table after turn in! While Mine were a Bit less mangled and More Intact, the Sargent doing the Receipt, looked at them and Me with a hard eye? You really mean to Turn these in he asked? I said, sure, why? He said, man will any of these even shoot? I looked him strait in the eye and said, your ad doesn't say anything about Operable? He laughed and Gave me the $150.00 and I stepped out! Wife was next, Hers were Older Raven auto's and RG Revolvers, some Looked OK, 1 was Really Bad off? The same Sargent that asked about mine, Picked up one RG revolver and Pulled the hammer back, The Cylinder started to Rotate, but stuck! OH NO, we thought? He Pulled Harder on the Trigger, NO GO, He Pulled Back on the hammer with his, thumb and the hammer Broke off in his hand? I sucked in a breath as we all thoguht that one would not be accepted! The Corporal next to Him, Laughed, the whole Room Started to laugh and The Sargent Said, 'What the Hell, It's Christmas?", the Wife Tucked her $150.00 and with Mine, we Bought the rest of the Christmas Gifts and Dinner! We Bribed our Consience by brining part of the Turkey Dinner back down for the Cops to Snack on, till the Buy back was over? While it might not have Been Moral or correct, it did save the day and I can't see a Gun Buy back ever again, without getting a smirk on my face?

I have seen some Places actually buy Back Cap Guns? One Buy back in Pittsburg, Had Hypes buying out the toy stores so they could turn them in? OH the Madness that these programs always brings? LOL

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hay tango at least get it right our Austrailan buy back
WAS OUT RIGHT [WRONG] THEIFT by a inept govement lead by the nose
by a sniffiling little ferret called john {C}howard that then warr a bullet proof vest for a time fearing law bideing citzans Leagle Gun Owners but not the crimes ? and destroyed old HISTORICAL & SUGNFICAN HERATAGE of the Austrailan past why 2 reasons john {C}HOWARD has never fire or used a firearm [ his words not my idear ] & the asion pistole shooter that killed some pepole at Monash Uni [ NON AUSTRAILAN CITISEN ] WAS GIVEN A PISTOLE LICENCE IN THE FRIST PLACE NOT A GIVEN RIGHT BUT A PRIVLAGE FOR AUSTRAILAN CITZENS & bought 15 hand guns in less than twelve months Not Alllowed under the Victorian Pistols Fire Arms act but did so with out the FIRE ARMS REGISTERY SAYING NOT ALLOWED thay did not follow there owne rules BUT the Austrailian Tax payers & legale shooters all payed for A STUFF UP BY A firearms registers employe that did not do the job right first time around 2 pistols in 12 ONLY 177 air pistol & 22 rim fire not
any more 2 ONLY

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