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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ArrizX, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. ArrizX

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    So there is a local gun buy back in a few weeks. Is it going to be legal to buy guns before they get turned and if its legal will it yield good results (I know thats hard to say)...
  2. Wiseman3

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    I wonder how they'd feel if you set up in a parking lot across the street offering 50 bucks more? Could get some real nice guns. Besides since you're a buyer, you can pick and choose. What you don't buy, the cops can. I still wonder with most city and county governments broke, where do they find the money to buy all these guns?

  3. blucoondawg

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    One would most likely have to do it on private property somehow and then I'm sure they would come after you for not having some sort of municipal permit to run such a gun buy stand or whatever you would set up. If it were me I would research an area out of town where they won't be able to run you out over a petty permit issue, run an ad somewhere stating your price, if you aren't too far away some folks would drive out and sell to you for an extra 50 I'm sure, but would probably be mad if you turned them away. I have often wondered about this though I have always thought if someone is turning in a gun it is either stolen or a piece of crap, or else the person is a flaming liberal who would probably rather see the gun melted down than turned over to someone who would enjoy it.
  4. Mosin

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    I wouldn't even support a gun buyback by selling ****. Every time, they push on the news how "successful" it is... puke.
  5. ArrizX

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    Its over in seattle. I remember reading an article (forget which city this was in) and I saw pics of people standing out with signs. It was just in the background and I *dont think* the article mentioned anything about them. So I still have no idea of its legal or not but I know im not the only one who has thought of this.

    My truck is a F350 and it should stick out like a sore thumb in seattle. I was thinking of a lawn chair in the bed and a poster board on the cab LOL

    As far as my buddy told me its all going to be Amazon gift cards. 100 for a pistol and long gun, 200 for a assault rifle. I figure it I went down with 2 grand I could come home with a grip of stuff. Little worried about quality of stuff. I need it to be worth my while. Its a 3 to 4 hour drive from where I live. Dont wanna go and get disappointed lol.
  6. danf_fl

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    Call the LEO and ask.

    But are you prepared to go through the hoops if 1 firearm you get was stolen (receiving stolen property)?

    The normal attitude is "We want to remove these from the street.", and you can expect to get some unwanted attention if you setup at a "buy-back" program.

    Just put an ad in the local newspaper, get seller's info, and report suspicious purchases (like a rifle that could go for $700, but the seller is willing to accept $100).