Gun "Buy Back" Program question

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by danf_fl, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. danf_fl

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    Is anyone aware of any place that the following info is provided?

    How many guns were turned in.
    How many guns were stolen and returned to rightful owners.
    How many Curio and Relics.
    How many guns turned in were connected to crimes.
    How many much money was received for scrap versus money given out.
    How many guns were destroyed.
  2. sdiver35

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    I saw a news report from LA boasting the removal of rocket launchers from the streets of LA. They were inert LAW and AT4 launchers, but they displayed them like someone might have used them for mass carnage somewhere. Even the police were puffing their chests as if a huge find was made...please!!!!

  3. northhike

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    This is more smoke and mirrors. People are turning in some old guns and non-used guns for a food card at Ralphs. They are not turning in their stash of guns....just the ones they no longer use. I guess this is all part of the "lets feel" like we did something campaign, but really we changed nothing. Cool rocket launcher though. :D
  4. jack80

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    Wtf?! I want a rocket launcher! Haha
  5. pfev1980

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    It's just a training tube. Even when they are brand new all they do is smoke. The police lost money on that buy, you can find those on Craigslist around bases all the time.
  6. chuckusaret

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    The gun buy backs in my area are just public exhibitions. The last that I attended on the west coast of Florida had at least three different news agencies present and they made it sound as if the police buy back was removing 1000's of so called bad weapons from the streets. Not so, most of the handguns were cheap inoperable junk, old cheap shotguns, and .22 rifles that were of no value and seldom, if ever, used in a crime. I do believe the no ask when turning in handguns that could have been used in crimes did destroy much needed evidence. In my opinion the gun buy back program is nothing more then a continuation of a plan to remove all guns from the masses. Rant for today.:D
  7. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    I was reading something on this and it showed a turned in Arisaka .. What a shame It had everything.. :( Dust cover, cleaning rod, and even what looked like a original sling... :( :( (Those parts are so hard to find and worth more than the rifle itself)

    Once a part of history, now just scrap..

    But I guess gotta keep it out of the hands of criminals, ya know with all that 7.7 ammo flowing like water...
  8. Chainfire

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    I am thinking about starting my own buy-back program. Maybe I will set up on the court-house lawn and see how I could do. It would probably do pretty good as long as I could use the "no questions asked" line.

    I wonder what the legal implications would be.....The government has already set the precedent.
  9. 1911love

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    I've often wondered if it was legal to be at the "buy back" as a buyer. Have a sign offering double what the "authorities" are. In FL ftf transfers are legal, but I'm scared to test the waters on this issue.
  10. TimKS

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    I wonder how many LEOs went home with a new gun?
  11. pfev1980

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    It's been done before with some NRA booths offering gas cards or something like that in LA. Seems like it was like a year or two ago. Was a huge success from what I understand. Took a ton of guns off the streets and got them into the hands of responsible gun owners. That's a good thing right? I think they were doing FFL transfers though, which the police obviously aren't doing and they were only buying working guns that were worth the gas
  12. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have seen guns in those barrels that it would be a sin to crush. I hope some of them are saved. It is one case where I wouldn't mind turning my back on the misdeeds of a LEO.