Gun Boot for ATV

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    I would like some input on gun boots for use on my ATV. I bought an atv three years ago because it was almost impossible for me to hunt effectively trying to walk long distances on our hunting lease due to bad knees. I shot a doe one afternoon late and when dragging it out stepped into a rotted out stump hole and fell forward. I wasn't able to walk on it for a couple of days and that made my mind up.
    I started getting some accesories for it and one of the first was a plastic gun boot that bolts onto the rear rack. It is a Kolpin, but since I changed over to Nightforce scopes I need a slightly wider boot. The problem with this one is that the side knobs on the scope are just a bit too wide and it makes it difficult to get the rifle in and out. I could take the padded liner out but that would not be good for the rifle or scope.
    Any suggestions would be certainly appreciated.