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Gun Bluing?

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Is this something you can do yourself? Uh, is this something i should try to do, is a more accurate question. Also, can you do a matte black finnish?
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Gun Blueing and Finishes?

Hello always/All


Gun Blueing, and Finishes, Can ya do them yourself? YUP, Is it a good idea? Not really! First of all, are you willing to strip the gun down to it's smallest componet and then do the blueing then re-assemble? Thats the first Hurtle, then there is the Blueing! Most folks Would have to go the Hot Water Blueing as they Lack the Hot Tanks required to Do Chemical Hot Blueing! Then, To Hot Water Blue, You need a container large enough to submerge all the parts your gonna blue, then heat it up, ALONG WITH A GLASS BOTTLE LARGE enough to hold the Blueing your gonna use? Next, clean all the parts down, so no oil or even finger print residue is on any small or large Piece! Then you put all the parts in the hot water, heat to a rolling boil, take the parts out without touching them and apply the Bluing element and then put back in Hot Water, do this several time till it s 3X darker than you want to finish being then you "card" the finish, tah of scrubbing the new finsih with 4-6 O steel wool, Of course you have to get each mark or ding out, or it will just finish right over them and show up later? Once you've done all that you Rub oil and Blue stopper solution or more oil and card the Finish many more times to polish it up! Then you have the run of Re-assembly many parts will be built up too large and will need a lot of detail work, just so they fit back together? Now, if all that is fun to you or Ya wanna try, GO FOR IT! Not a Smart aleck responce, but from one that has done a Lot of Blueing and parkerizing and it's a lot of work!

OH then thier is Parkerizing, Care for a GO at Using Acid to Finsh your firearm? If so, ask me I'll detail how that is done as well and Yes, thier are Kits, I used to make my Living on folks that got a kit and the result would me on my desk for work that next monday?? LOL Have a good time, good Luck and Be careful!
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