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    So I am new to the conceal carry idea (I'm originally from NY and new had a CC permit), but I am now in VT and I would like to start. I have an IWB holster on order but I do not have a belt. I'm trying to get a feel for what the belt actually does and how it is different from a standard belt? I'm assuming these are just a thinker stronger belt to help distribute weight. I'll be carrying a S&W J Frame which isn't that heavy. Would I need a gun belt for this? Any help is appreciated !
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    Tends to depend on your holster whether you really need a carry belt or not.
    That said it is usually better to have one anyway. It is extremely helpful in avoiding having to reach into a toilet full of urine to get your gun.
    Carry belts tend to have a plastic reinforcement that keeps them from drooping etc. They tend to stay in place better than a standard belt especially when undone.

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    I prefer the 5.11 Tactical Operator or Trainer belt with PermaStiff or a Looper Leather belt. I wear a Looper Leathe belt everyday and it's super comfortable.
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    Hanks amish belts order 2 sizes bigger than what you think