Gun bans: UK and Australia experience

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    From the Wall St Journal, we get some info on the ineffectiveness of bans in the real world. Just for some background, Australia imported 1.2 million Ruger 10-22 rifle and about 800,000 Chinese SKS rifles, both are covered by the gun ban. Only 640,000 guns were turned in. It is estimated that only about 2% of the banned guns got turned in.
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    Since the uk and aussie gun bans violent crimes rapes robberies have shot past the moon in frequency. In countries where there are no firearms the citizens get to experience tyrrany of the strong. People who are weak or outnumbered are getting killed raped and maimed at astounding rates.

    Guns let little old women fend off packs of tough strong 18 year old rapists. Without guns granny gets raped. Gun control activists like it when they get to hear stories of grandma being raped and sodomized by gangs. Gives them something to read about in the bathroom.

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    This should give you an idea on the rules here in New South Wales, Australia in regards to what we can and can't have and the rules are very similar in most states.

    When there was a massacre down in Tasmania back in 1996 the then Prime Minister,John Howard took it upon himself to try and score political points by trying to ban most types of guns,mainly semi automatic shotguns and rifles saying that by taking more guns out of the general public's hands would stop these types of incidents happening and went on to say that gun crime would drop dramatically but before the massacre gun related crime was already dropping.

    He introduced a firearms buyback that cost the Australian taxpayer $500,000,000 and did very little but it was seen as a major step forward in political point scoring and he was anti gun as well.

    In NSW and a lot of other states there was a firearms registry introduced and this was another waste of money as it was hacked into and firearm's owner's personal details were hacked plus the registry's details of who owned what was that far out of date it wasn't funny plus we have to go through a safe check every 4 years:)() to make sure that everything is in order something most general duties Policemen regard as a great waste of their time.

    There is now a push to get rid of the registry as it's so ineffectual that it's just a waste of tax payer's money(around $74,000 a day to operate) but the anti's are under the illusion that this will promote more gun crime.

    Another mistruth that the anti's are using is that most gun related crimes are from guns that have been either stolen from or sold on the black market by legal gun owners but then about 2 weeks ago it was bought to light that there was a group of Custom's people(about 20) who were allowing certain containers into the country without checking them that were full of drugs and firearms.
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    10-22-s are not baned in the UK.