Gun-Ban Proposal to be Considered in Louisiana!

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by opaww, May 22, 2007.

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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    On Wednesday, May 30 at 9:30 AM in HCR-6, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will consider HB 869, a bill that would establish far-reaching restrictions on semi-automatic firearms (dubbing them "assault weapons") and ammunition magazines. It would target every firearm modified to conform with the now-extinct Clinton Gun-Ban plus many other semi-automatic firearms that have no lineage to those rifles or any military-style orientation whatsoever.

    HB 869 would also require current owners of such firearms to register their firearms with the State Police, obtain and renew a license annually to keep them, restrict how and where they may be used or transported, and allow the State Police to inspect private homes for compliance.

    Please contact your State Representative toll-free at (800) 256-3793 and respectfully urge him or her to oppose this gun-ban and to vote “NO” on HB 869.

    If you are from Louisiana you need to do some phone calling to let your elected officals know you are against this bill.
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    :mad: To think I thought Illinois was going to try some harsh stuff.

    Besides the fact that this piece of garbage violates the second ammendment, I suspect it would violate the fourth ammendment as well. I am not sure how the gun culture in Louisiana is, but I am shocked to see this come from what is often considered a red state. Methinks this may be related to the Katrina incident somehow. I wonder what the fee to renew this license is, and how often one would have to do so as well as what are these restrictions of use.

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    Gun grabbers never sleep!

    We need to flood these legislators with cables and phone calls until they begin to understand they work for us and we are not going to put up with this crap anymore.

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    I think the elected officials should be removed from office and never allowed to hold any office again. The anti gunners do not care that it violates any rights of citizens, but they would yell, scream, and throw tantrums if we denied them their free speech.
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    I lived in Lousyanna for almost 4 years and I can tell you that it is like 2 states!! There are the Nawlins' and Baton Rouger's and there are the rest of Louisiana!! The legislative power is primarily centered in the Metro areas, but I can assure you that ANY type of gun ban will not fly very high in this state. The state is definitely a "red" state NATIONALLY and the "blues" STATEWIDE, but the "blues" are still primarily conservative on the state level and and can shift the power away from the liberals of New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

    The NO and BR politicians are definitely thinking that gun control will help to curb the crime that has just about taken over those cities. Of course, they are wrong!!

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