Gun auctions or classified ads???

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    I probably didn't put this in the proper topic, but didn't see any that seemed proper
    Can anyone give me any ideas about which is the best way to sell guns. I would like to sell them all ( 13 rifles~~1 shotgun )... but I have never sold a gun, so don't know the way to realize the most money for them. Would it be best to sell them as a lot.. or by the piece?
    I'm not trying to sell them here, I know there is a limit of posts you have to do inorder sell here. I'm not trying to get around that.
    thanks for any info.
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    You could put an ad in the local Trading Post that says "I have guns, Please come steal from me" :rolleyes:

    Sorry- been dealing with teenaged grandkids this afternoon. I'll be OK when I can hang out with adults for a while.

    The three largest sites I know are Gunbroker, Auction Arms, and GunsAmerica in that order. DO NOT try to sell all in one action- you limit your market. I may want one, but not the other 12 (unless they are connected to each other in some way) If these are not muzzleloaders or pre 1899, they will need to ship TO a FFL if crossing a state line. You can also talk to a local dealer-for a a consignment sale. You CAN ship rifle or shotgun by US Mail, Be SURE it is unloaded. I mean DAMN sure.

    If you do on line sale, state in the ad that you are NOT a FFL, and receiving FFL must be willing to accept shipment from a non-FFL (it is legal, some will not do it) Send a copy of your driver's license with the gun so he can log it in to his books. Good description, good pictures, do not do a hidden reserve auction (many of us skip those entirely). Set absolute minimum you would take, and start the auction.

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    I would put all of them on gunbroker at double the bluebook value. They should all sell in a matter of minutes. There are so many STUPID idiots on gunbroker it is not funny.
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    Just another Idea. You might find a reputable dealer who would take them on consignment. Get with him on price. Most will do it for 15% since they have nothing in them. So just mark them up 15% from your price. If California will allow a non FFL licensed person to sell at a gun show? Federal law allows a person to sell his or her own personal collection. Some gun shows will rent tables to people selling their own personal collection "Only!". Might check this out. However I know how California is with weapons so it more than likely is not permitted ?????? As nothing else regarding weapon laws makes sense there most of the time.
    Gun Broker is the other source. And I am sure you will probably get some PMs from FTF due to the content.

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    Thanks for the input... and I know how teenage grandkids are, as I have several...
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    OK, now I feel better, I thought I was the only one who had


    You'll do better if you know the actual value

    (or close to it) buy or borrow a gun catalog, or spend some time on

    gunbroker and some other online sites.
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    Very true but that actually work in favor of a seller that is willing to list at a reasonable price. I have sold a few guns on GB and all the transactions have been smooth and a win-win for the buyer and me.
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    If you have any bargain muzzleloaders, this forum would really be the best way to dispose of them. :D ;)