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    Hope this is the right area. It did say any topic under the sun ;)

    I'm starting to play my guitar that I semi learned to play when I was a freshman in high school (so a whole 3 years ago). It's just an acoustic for anyone who's wondering.

    Any way I'm looking for ways to get sheet music online for songs. I'm a fan of pretty much every type of genre out there but I'm starting with country songs cause they seem to be a little slower paced and I think I'll have an easier time keeping up. I want the sheet music because I don't like just playing the chords. Yes I've done the Google searches and I can't seem to find anything. The song I'm looking for as we speak is "Angry All the Time" by Tim McGraw. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    There's a ton of music and tab sites out there. With tab toy will want to be a little more picky at what you d/load and print mainly because people will put yup a tab how THEY play a given song and it's not always as close as you might want them to be. Sheet music on the other hand will usually be more exact. I used to try to play a bass some and had looked up tons of tabs. Out of that ton I found about half to be real accurate. There are some pretty good guitar mags out there that have both sheet music and/or tabs. I have found those to be more reliable. :)

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    911Tabs - tabs search engine, search for "Tim McGraw" as Band Name. Click on first returned item -- you'll find 19 tabs for "Angry all the Time".