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    The Sig raptor is the only 1911 I own without a guide rod. The gun shoots fine however,I have noticed the groupings are not as consistent as my other 1911's. I
    Have two piece and solid rods on my other 1911's. I also add a shock buff to them. I was told years ago that guide rods stabiize the slide hence the accuracy. Could this be the issue with my groupings?
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    Doubt it. Inconsistant grouping when you shoot other 1911 just fine i would check to make sure the sights arent a little loose. Or the bushing isnt locking the barrel to the slide consistantly the same.

    The only thing mechanically that can cause bad accuracy is inconsistant lockup or loose sights. A guide rod isnt gonnado squat unless the bushing on the guide rode is better fitted.

    My ww2 ithaca 1911a1 rattles like a box of poker chips in a earthquake but it literally puts all the shots in one hole at 10 yards

    I have never seen proof that tight frame to slide fit has anything to do with accuracy if thats the only difference
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    Try getting a recoil spring, I had that problem with one of my 1911s. I put in a 22 lbs spring and it shoots like new.
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    The recoil spring guide rod was designed to guide the recoil spring so it would not "kink" when the slide recoiled.

    The only one I have seen that could possibly affect accuracy is the "Group Gripper" (Brownells 965-203-991DH). It has a special link that is pushes up on the barrel when the slide is in battery. An attempt to keep things returning to the same position prior to the next shot.