Guide rod lasers, anyone know anything about them?

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  1. eborden1122

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    I was looking to put a guide rod laser in one of my 1911 Kimbers for fun. It has a 4 inch barrel. Does anyone know anything about them, good or bad? Thanks, Ed
  2. GunRunner

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    I would go with the Crimson Trace grips incase something went internally wrong with the laser like it breaking, it wouldn't keep the pistol from operating.

  3. jebsca

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    When I got my second 92FS, it had one already installed. I asked the guy if he had the original guide rod, but no luck. I was worried about it breaking or something, but after looking this guide rod over, I left it in, and have been happy with how it works as a guide rod. I wouldn’t worry about it breaking and stopping the gun. I took it out the first time in mid day sun, and couldn’t stay very long, and then forgot to turn it off. The next time I took it out, the batteries were dead, and I haven’t replaced them yet. I will say that the laser looked close to the sights in the house.

    The only other laser that I have used was on a buddy’s PF9, and it was Crimson Trace. It was way out of adjustment, and when I was trying to use the iron sights, it was distracting me. Had to change my grip to not activate it to get inside the 8 ring from 10 yards.
  4. vincent

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    All I know is I could put $300 to a lot better use...:cool:
  5. Polygon

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    Double that. I've got guns on my wishlist I could buy for that.
  6. ScottA

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    The aperture will get quite dirty that close to the end of the barrel. That will obscure the laser, so keep it clean.
  7. Chainfire

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    Buy ammo instead. $300.00 worth of ammo should improve your shooting more than a laser.
  8. gunsmoke11

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    I installed the Lasermax Guiderail Sight in my Glock 27 almost 2 years ago and never regreted it. I carry concealed all the time and dirt was never a problem and it's as bright as the day I got it. I bought an extra set of batteries for it at the time that I haven't had to use. Dead batteries are usually caused by negligence. The installation was simple and invisible when looking at the gun. The nice thing is that it really works. It takes a little getting used to cause it does move about on your target do to a naturally unsteady hand. At 25 yards I've grouped around 4 or 5 inches. It wasn't ever intended for target shooting. At a reasonable distance it will be dead on a man size target. That laser doesn't require a special holster and the pulsating light does keep your eye directed where you're pointing. That's the advantage of the laser, cause you don't have to aim just quickly point. I didn't pay $300, but purchased it on sale during the holidays from OpticsPlanet. They even threw in a nice little $15 flashlight with it. You get what you pay for. This is my G27 with a small red laser light reflected on the table just in front of the slide.
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