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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by Obamardo, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Obamardo

    Obamardo Guest

    Does anyone have any info about install a new guide rod that I just ordered? I also got a new spring.
  2. rev-arb

    rev-arb New Member

    Actually quite easy. What kind of rod and spring did you get? It just goes right into the place of the old one. With some of the rods you will need a bushing that goes in the hole on the slide.

    I have a Don's Stainless Steel Guide Rod on mine. He is the expert. You find info on the XD Talk site under his forum pages.

  3. SimonTuffGuy

    SimonTuffGuy New Member

    I ran a Don's Guide rod in my XD9 Service as well. I had an 18 (basically stock) and 22 lb springs for it to swap between.

    Basically, pull the stock rod out, insert the bushing in the front of the slide, put the new spring on the rod and install it just like the stock piece did.

    I'm waiting for Don to figure out something for the SubCompacts... :)